We have an excellent and experienced practice in the area of Estate Administration. Our lawyers
and our staff are highly qualified, professional, compassionate and efficient, always ready to answer your questions and advise you as an executor of an estate.

Given the longevity of our firm, most estates that we process are in relation to wills which we
have drafted and have stored in our vault. However, we are certainly willing to assist in estates
where the will has been drafted elsewhere. Sometimes the law office which drafted the documents has ceased to exist or the lawyer who had a special relationship with your family has retired from practice. Whatever the reason, call us and we can help.

At an initial meeting with you, usually within a few weeks after your loved one has passed, we
will determine what may be needed from the legal point of view.

In simple or modest estates, the initial meeting may be all you need, together with some notarial copies of the Will, to proceed as an Executor and fulfill the wishes of your loved one.

Sometimes the value of the estate calls for more, including a probate application to the court and
advice as to tax clearance and distribution to beneficiaries.

In any case, we stand ready to assist you, always conscious of expense to the estate and your family, and aware of the need to manage the issues of the estate professionally and with great compassion.

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