Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I contact a lawyer?

    No matter the type of law you should contact your lawyer before you sign anything. 

  • What is title insurance?

    Title insurance protects a buyer in the event of numerous issues that may affect title, including; existing liens, encroachments, setback violations, tax arrears, work orders, etc. It also replaces the requirement of financial institutions for a survey to be done.

  • Do I need a Will and Powers of Attorney

    If you do not make a Will the courts may end up dividing your property for you which may be against your wishes. The Powers of Attorney protect you during your lifetime so you want to ensure you have someone you trust looking after your needs.

  • Does the lawyer that prepared a Will have to deal with the estate?

    Whereas most estates are processed where the Wills were prepared, our office is also able to administer estates where the Will has been done elsewhere.

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